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Coober Pedy, discovered in 1915, was until recently the main producer of precious opal. Today the opal fields encompass an area of approximately 45 square kilometres.

The name Coober Pedy is derived from the Aboriginal phrase "kupa piti", loosely translated as "White Man in a Hole".
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Coober Pedy
1.45 carat Coober Pedy opal

Price: $66



Captivating grey-base opal with all the colors of the rainbow moving across the face. Faces quite nicely for either a ring or a pendant.

Weight: 1.45ct
Dimensions: 10x10x2.5mm
Coober Pedy
1.86 carat Coober Pedy opal

Price: $45



Grey-base opal with more subtle full-spectrum color. Much more attractive than the typical opaque white opal. Great stone for everyday wear.

Weight: 1.86ct
Dimensions: 10x9x3mm

Coober Pedy
2.15 carat Coober Pedy opal

Price: $157



Darker grey-base with bright glittery color from all angles and in any light. A skin-to-skin gem where the back side is as nice as the face.

Weight: 2.15ct
Dimensions: 12x9x2.5mm
Coober Pedy
4.31 carat Coober Pedy opal

Price: $262



Perfect pendant stone with three distinct ribbons of color rolling across the face as it moves. Two small inclusions near bottom of stone.

Weight: 4.31ct
Dimensions: 15x10x4mm

Coober Pedy
4.33 carat Coober Pedy opal

Price: $455



A large impressive semi-crystal pendant stone that faces perfectly to display the green, gold, and orange primary colors from any angle. One of the best.

Weight: 4.33ct
Dimensions: 21x16x2.5mm
Coober Pedy
2.01 carat Coober Pedy opal

Price: $250



Translucent grey-base opal packed top to bottom with incredible play of color in every hue. Excellent stone in a very nice size and shape.

Weight: 2.01ct
Dimensions: 11x8x3mm