designer gemstone cabochons
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Payments By Paypal

From Agate to Zebra Stone, we’re now making our extensive inventory of non-opal gemstones available to you here. We'll be listing cabs sure to appeal to designers and collectors, but if you’re looking for a custom-cut shape or size please email us at . Faceted goods also available upon request.
Hummingbird Stones
Poppy Jasper
32.5 carat poppy jasper cab

Price: $10



Poppy jasper showing a nice pattern in a custom triangle shaped cut. Dark brown, black and different shades of beige are depicted in this stone.

Weight: 32.5ct
Dimensions: 35.4x26x5.3mm
Leopard Skin Jasper
33.5 carat leopard skin jasper cab

Price: $10



Interesting leopard skin jasper with various shades of tan, white, and gold. Kite shaped designer cab has a pretty leopard spot pattern.

Weight: 33.5ct
Dimensions: 38.7x28.1x6.5mm

Poppy Jasper
81.5 carat poppy jasper cab

Price: $20



Large poppy jasper with great poppy patterns. This designer cab is perfect for a large pendant design in fall colors of brown, black and cream.

Weight: 81.5ct
Dimensions: 59.8x28.6x6.3mm
Poppy Jasper
38 carat poppy jasper cab

Price: $10



Pear shaped poppy jasper. This gracefully shaped brown and tan stone has enough subtle variations in tone to make it visually appealing.

Weight: 38ct
Dimensions: 35.3x21.4x6.2mm

Porcelain Jasper
39.5 carat porcelain jasper cab

Price: $15



Excellent buff top porcelain jasper cab. Muted tones of purple and mauve run through the surrealistic landscape in this triangle cut designer stone.

Weight: 39.5ct
Dimensions: 47.4x26.3x4.5mm
Rain Forest Jasper
12.5 carat rain forest jasper cabochon

Price: $10



Rainforest jasper with what reminds me of an Iris framed against the green background. Okay, you might see something else, but it is a cool stone.

Weight: 12.5ct
Dimensions: 21.1x15.6x4.5mm