designer gemstone cabochons
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Payments By Paypal

From Agate to Zebra Stone, we’re now making our extensive inventory of non-opal gemstones available to you here. We'll be listing cabs sure to appeal to designers and collectors, but if you’re looking for a custom-cut shape or size please email us at . Faceted goods also available upon request.
Hummingbird Stones
Imperial Jasper
67.0 carat imperial jasper cab

Price: $45



This is the one! Grab this one if you want a premium translucent Imperial Jasper cab. Still might just put this one in our personal collection. It's that good!

Weight: 67.0ct
Dimensions: 70.6x23.0x5.5mm
46.5.0 carat morrisonite cabochon

Price: $40



Morrisonite Jasper. The name says it all, but this stone makes even more of a statement with it's elegant colors and flawless polish.

Weight: 46.5ct
Dimensions: 39.8x27.3x4.9mm

Butterfly Wing Jasper
50.5 carat butterfly wing jasper cab

Price: $25



Also known as Mariposa Jasper, this is a splendid example of how attractive and colorful this stone can be. Nicely agatized and completely fracture-free.

Weight: 50.5ct
Dimensions: 39.6x30.4x5.1mm
Oregon Opalite Jasper
12.0 carat Oregon opalite jasper cabochon

Price: $20



Oregon Opalite Jasper. Rough from an old estate. The deposit was mined out and the location lost. It's from "somewhere between the Owyhees and Ochocos..." .

Weight: 12.0ct
Dimensions: 25.4x15.8x5.1mm

78.0 carat carrasite cabochon

Price: $35



A close "cousin" to Morrisonite, this cab is from the same rough as others previously sold here. These stones take a polish equal to anything else out there.

Weight: 78.0ct
Dimensions: 46.5x27.9x6.6mm
Stone Canyon Jasper
36.22 carat Stone Canyon Jasper cabochon

Price: $15



Stone Canyon Jasper with a translucent agatized tip on this modified triangle. The shape, along with the mix of colors and the high polish, are all top quality.

Weight: 36.22ct
Dimensions: 34.2x25.9x6.4mm