designer gemstone cabochons
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Payments By Paypal

From Agate to Zebra Stone, we’re now making our extensive inventory of non-opal gemstones available to you here. We'll be listing cabs sure to appeal to designers and collectors, but if you’re looking for a custom-cut shape or size please email us at . Faceted goods also available upon request.
Hummingbird Stones
Imperial Jasper
48.07 carat imperial jasper cab

Price: $25



A sister stone to one already sold. Top quality rough with a more intricate pattern than what is normally seen in cabs of this material. Very scenic pattern.

Weight: 48.07ct
Dimensions: 50.8x17.9x6.8mm
Butterfly Wing Jasper
45.94 carat butterfly wing jasper cabochon

Price: $20



Butterfly Wing Jasper with a wonderfully translucent agatized center surrounded by the classic greens, yellows, and pinks typical of this material.

Weight: 45.94ct
Dimensions: 45.8x25.2x5.0mm