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Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia is the world's only significant commercial source of black opal - the rarest and most valuable form of opal. Premium quality semi-black and crystal opal is also found in this area. Mining commenced in 1902 and it continues today on approximately two hundred distinct opal fields.
Hummingbird Stones
Lightning Ridge
2.79 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $1,050



The darkest sunflash crystal with a consistent large blocky pattern of alternating red, blue, green, orange that shows best with bright light over shoulder.

Weight: 2.79ct
Dimensions: 12x11x3mm
Lightning Ridge
3.09 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $245



Very pretty blue pendant stone with some green flash amidst the swirls of black. Undeniably Ridge opal and priced low enough for everyday wear.

Weight: 3.09ct
Dimensions: 10x13x4mm

Lightning Ridge
3.46 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $84



A fun picture stone with the grey and black "magpie potch". The green is bright and glittery enough even in moderate light to make this a nice opal.

Weight: 3.46ct
Dimensions: 15x11x3mm
Lightning Ridge
3.74 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $1,015



Excellent stone. Precious opal top-to-bottom. Minor sand spots in face and interior inclusion in lower left center. Still an outstanding opal.

Weight: 3.74ct
Dimensions: 13x9x5mm

Lightning Ridge
4.05 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $346



Bright seam opal on a dark potch base. Blue, green, orange, and gold colors are bright even in moderate to low light. Large impressive flat-topped face.

Weight: 4.05ct
Dimensions: 14x9x4mm
Lightning Ridge
4.11 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $1,540



Real designer's delight. Semi-crystal opal with color throughout. The line visible in the interior is "growth line" between two opal layers, not a crack.

Weight: 4.11ct
Dimensions: 18x8x5.5mm