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Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia is the world's only significant commercial source of black opal - the rarest and most valuable form of opal. Premium quality semi-black and crystal opal is also found in this area. Mining commenced in 1902 and it continues today on approximately two hundred distinct opal fields.
Hummingbird Stones
Lightning Ridge
4.15 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $472



Dark seam opal with consistent pattern throughout in greyish base. Best with bright light straight-on, so it's difficult to photograph. Shows okay in moderate light.

Weight: 4.15ct
Dimensions: 15x13x4mm
Lightning Ridge
4.43 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $225



Really interesting opal. Subtle blue floating inside the crystal-clear opal with "3-D" inclusions in back. Saw one like it in national publication for hundreds more!

Weight: 4.43ct
Dimensions: 32x8x3.5mm

Lightning Ridge
6.27 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $147



Large black seam opal. Lots of blue and some green. Another stone that makes a large presentation for a small price. Would look good in any style setting.

Weight: 6.27ct
Dimensions: 22x13x4mm
Lightning Ridge
6.59 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $87



Large quirky piece with some nice blues in the black potch base. The bulls-eye pattern of the white potch rings in the center make this one rather interesting.

Weight: 6.59ct
Dimensions: 19x10x4.5mm

Lightning Ridge
7.72 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $437



Slightly better seam opal with more translucence and more color. Lots of blue, some green, and a small hint of red hiding inside. Nice large piece.

Weight: 7.72ct
Dimensions: 24x13x4.5mm
Lightning Ridge
7.88 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $875



Nice bright picture stone. Will make an impressive pendant or a really large ring. Local retail shop has one like it for $350/ct. You get a real bargain here.

Weight: 7.88ct
Dimensions: 18x13x4.5mm