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Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia is the world's only significant commercial source of black opal - the rarest and most valuable form of opal. Premium quality semi-black and crystal opal is also found in this area. Mining commenced in 1902 and it continues today on approximately two hundred distinct opal fields.
Hummingbird Stones
Lightning Ridge
8.35 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $245



Interesting stone showing yet another aspect of how seam opal can form. Interesting transition from blue to green. Small inclusions visible in transparent base.

Weight: 8.35ct
Dimensions: 18x18x4mm
Lightning Ridge
9.17 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $475



A very large, chunky, but well-proportioned picture stone with extremely bright color swirling across the face. Almost ten-carat centerpiece for your design.

Weight: 9.17ct
Dimensions: 18x13x5mm

Lightning Ridge
13.68 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $325



Huge opal. Full-spectrum color unfortunately covered by greyish layer from most angles, so you get a huge black picture stone for very small price per carat.

Weight: 13.68ct
Dimensions: 23x18x5mm
Lightning Ridge
2.31 carat Lightning Ridge opal

Price: $275



What many people call a harlequin pattern, with large well-defined blocks of blue alternating as the stone is moved. Good color even in low light.

Weight: 2.31ct
Dimensions: 14x9x2.5mm